The Power of Words (Part 2)

Posted by Worldview Warriors On Thursday, July 25, 2013 0 comments
This week*, Jason interviews Joe Davis, a featured artist on the upcoming Restore and Embrace Tour. You'll hear about his personal journey of overcoming disease, with all of its adversity ultimately leading to the development of his gift of writing & expression.

Later in this series, they discuss the divisive outcome of the recent George Zimmerman case as well as the "media narrative" that may not even be true. Jason & Joe ponder how we can turn all of our complaining, arguing, and fighting to words of life, hope, and love. You'll even hear "I Am," one of Joe's poems. Be encouraged to pursue your dream as you listen today.

"I dream of a world without poverty, prejudice, and pain; a world where everyday people champion truth and justice with word and deed. In a dying world of disharmony and despair, I dream of the resurrection of hope. Simply, I dream of a better world." - Joe Davis

*Recorded on July 15.