Trust, Hope, & Acceptance

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Wrapping up the event at Dayspring, Jason is with Ty, Tyler, Eli, & Greg as they recap the night. Hear how they were encouraged by the trust fall and how it challenged them to rely on God even more. Later on in the podcast, thanks to the magic of editing, Jason is in Seward, Nebraska after an event, as more students were encouraged & equipped to be intentional with their faith, reaching out to others that need the same hope & acceptance found in Christ.

“He’s (Scott Mason) by far the best speaker we’ve had for awhile” – Students at Dayspring



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Today, Jason interviews Dave, the principal at Dayspring Christian Academy in Greeley, Colorado. You’ll hear about what is going on there and how the school’s SCOPE groups – sharing, Christ-centered options for life, reaching your potential & excelling – have impacted the students. Later in the podcast, you’ll hear from a student about her experiences there and with Worldview Warriors. “Equipping the heart, soul, mind, and body of each student, from a biblical perspective, in partnership with the Christian home” – the mission of DCA


Save The Storks

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Jason & Brent are on the phone with Joe Baker of Learn about how his ministry "seeks to persuade every abortion-minded mother to choose life and to share with them the good news of Jesus." Using a bus equipped with a state-of-the-art sonogram machine, they are able to intercept abortion-minded mothers at the door of abortion clinics and show them a picture of their baby. Please consider donating to this ministry, as a mere $350 can save a child's (& a mother's) life.


Connecting & Communicating

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Today, Jason is hanging out with Ken, the Assistant Administrator at KCA in Callaway, Maryland. They talk about the impact of the Worldview Warriors conference on the students and how the use of visuals, among other things, was able to effectively communicate the message. As you listen to this podcast, be encouraged to meet this generation where they are as you minister to them.

“It brings Christianity down to real life…” - Ken


Encouraging & Equipping

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Jason is at King’s Christian Academy in Callaway, Maryland for today’s “Do Not Keep Silent” podcast. He talks with Abby, a student who was impacted by Scott Mason’s testimony and the change that Jesus brought in his life. Learn how the Worldview Warriors 2-day conference was able to speak truth into her life and challenge her spiritually. Her mother, Lisa, chimes in later on in the podcast. As you listen, be encouraged by the work Worldview Warriors is doing in students’ lives throughout the country. Contact if you would like to book a conference, concert, or discipleship event with us.


Something Beautiful

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In this podcast, Jason is talking with Dennis, a high school teacher and young-age creationist. In this podcast, you’ll learn about how the Bible actually supports modern science rather than contradicting it. Dennis explains how God’s creation was created beautifully vs. chaotically (according to modern science). Be encouraged to seek out the truth as you listen today.

“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.” - Romans 1:20


Together for the Kingdom

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In today’s podcast, Jason is hanging out with Tom Stimson, a youth pastor in Marion, Ohio. Hear about how “Fusion”, a monthly gathering of youth groups in the community, has come together to encourage students and churches in the area. Be encouraged to step out in faith in your local communities as Tom shares his passion for the Kingdom in this podcast.

“Shouldn’t we swallow some of our pride and remember why we’re all doing this in the first place?” – Tom Stimson


Using Your Gifts

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Today, Jason is talking with Katie Erickson after a Worldview Warriors event at The Catalyst Church in Findlay, Ohio. They talk about Scott Mason’s powerful testimony from the event and how his authenticity is able to reach people right where they are. You’ll also hear how Katie is using her passion for Biblical Greek & Hebrew for God’s glory. As you listen to this podcast, be encouraged to serve God with the skills & abilities He has given to you.


All About Relationships

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In this podcast, Jason is hanging out with Andy Schindler, the youth pastor at Waynetown Christian Church in Waynetown, Indiana. They discuss how youth ministry is more about focusing on relationships than anything else. Hear about the success of a recent Worldview Warriors discipleship event in Waynetown and be encouraged wherever you are at in your ministry as you listen to this podcast.

“As a youth minister…they’re used to me. Bring in somebody new…and they listen.” – Andy Schindler