What is Beauty? (Part 1)

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Are you struggling with how you look?  Whether it be on the outside or inside this podcast is for you.  Host Jason DeZurik interviews author and national speaker, Shelley Hitz of FindYourTrueBeauty.com.  They discuss struggles she has had as well as practical tips to help you over come any struggles you may have in this area of your life.  A must listen to for all High school and college aged students.


Social Justice

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Social justice seems to be the new thing to focus in on these days.  What cause are you standing up for? The environment? Poverty?  What ever it is we think you get the drift.  Is making a stand for these things enough or is there more?  Should we also teach people that Jesus is the only way to heaven or is that too politically incorrect?  Does social justice and leading people to Christ fit together?  Listen to this weeks podcast as Jason, Dewey Harris and Jamie Proehl discuss how we as Christians should be looking at this topic. 


Homelessness (Part 2)

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Jason continues his discussion with Findlay City Mission representative, Dewey Harris and Jamie Proehl, a person who was homeless for 5 years, about actually helping people who are homeless. As Christians what should our lives look like in regard to people who are homeless. How do we help them out of their situation? This podcast will equip you to not only reach out to the homeless but understand the importance befriending people that don't look like you, smell like you or even think like you. It should also help you to see the importance of being discipled in Jesus Christ and His teachings.


Homelessness (Part 1)

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Jason DeZurik has a conversation with Jamie Proehl, a man who was homeless for 5 years and recently just moved into his home.  They discuss his life on the streets and how he got out of this lifestyle.  Jason also talks with Dewey Harris, Findlay City Mission representative.  They discuss how we as Christians need to engage, care and love those who are homeless.  No matter where you are in your life you will want to hear the next two podcasts to challenge you in how you live for Christ.